9:00 a 9:30

Opening of the conference

Governor of Santa Fe Province; Authorities of Rosario Municipality; Federal Council of Investments; Denyse Cardozo, CEO and President of Silicon Valley Forum; Mariana Stegagnini, president of CEDEF Foundation.

9:30 a 10:15

Revolution 4.0 in the agro: trends and challenges.

Lisa Prassack, President of Prassack Advisors & Gabriel Delgado, Director of the Research Center in Political, Economic and Social Sciences (INTA).

10:15 a 11:00

Digital Agronomy: precise information for decision making.

Jessica Bollinger, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships- Arable Lands.

11:45 a 12:30

Big Data and food production: the challenge of the avalanche of data for decision making.

Nathan Dorn, CEO- Food Origins & Ami Patel, Director of product- Blockchain of food

12:30 a 14:00

14:00 a 15:00

Beyond cryptocurrencies: the future of Blockchain in Agro 4.0.

Deborah Magid, Director Software Strategy- IBM Venture Capital Group & Rachel Gabato, Products and Program Managment- Blockchain of food.

15:00 a 15:45

15:45 a 16:15

16:15 a 17:00

Adding neuronal thinking to the agro company: AgroBot and Artificial Intelligence.

Miku Jha, Founder and CEO- AgShift & Georgina Stegmayer, Resarcher. CONICET. UNL.

17:00 a 18:00

Smart Farming - Smart Agriculture and production efficiency.

Jeffrey Orrey- Founder and Chief Science Officer of Geovisual Analytics & Ed Keebler-  Co-Founder Living Economy; CEO Renewable Food Group.

9:00 a 9:45

Leveraging technology to promote investment and reduce risk.

Jennifer Place- Investor, Finistere Ventures & Fernando Luciani - CEO, Argentine Securities Market.

10:30 a 11:00

11:00 a 12:00

Biotechnology potential: from the seed to the source of health in food.

Diane Wu, CEO and Founder- Trace Genomics & Sergio Feingold - Coordinator of the National Biotechnology Program. INTA.

12:00 a 13:00

Microbiomes - new ways of understanding soil and plant health.

Dragan Macura, Chief Science Officer- AgroThrive & Carlos Becco, Director- Indigo Argentina.

13:00 a 14:30

14:30 a 15:15

Plant- meat: new concepts of production and consumption.

Hernán Jaramillo, Vice president, business development- JUST Inc.

15:15 a 16:15

Cellular Agriculture: dialoguing about synthetic meat and its future.

Thomas Bowman – Director of Product Development. Mission Barns & Juan José Grigera Naón- International Bovine Meat Specialist. IPCVA.SRA. Mercosur Meat Forum.

16:15 a 16:45

16:45 a 17:30

Reflections about agriculture 4.0 in Argentina and the region

Gustavo Béliz, Director of the Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean (INTAL).